Rubix Cube Head

watercolor painting

Freehand Inking
Too Many Eggs

18x23 watercolor with gold paint


8.5x11 colored pencil, gold paint, 2017

Sweet Bees

6x8, watercolor, 2017

Heads will Roll

SOLD, 8x9, watercolor, 2017


9x12" watercolor painting, 2017

Heart Eaters

SOLD, ink and colored pencil drawing, 9x12 2016 prints available in link


acrylic painting 16"x20", 2016


watercolor, acrylic painting, 9"x14", 2016


colored pencil, pastels, ink on paper, 12"x18", 2016

Peeled Eggplant

colored pencil, 8.5x11, 2016

Brain Scans

Series dealing with mental illness, watercolor, 8x10, 2016

Salt Crystal Bee

acrylic paint on paper, 9x12, 2016

de- heart beat

colored ink on paper, 8.5x11, 2016

Crystal Bobcat

acrylic paint on paper with gold paint, 9x12, 2016

Bobcat Skull

18x24, acrylic paint, 2016

Strawberry Heart

watercolor, 8x8 2016

Honey Bear Skull

acrylic and gold paint, 2016

Coffee Jewel Bee

SOLD coffee watercolor painting with gold painted wings, 2016

Coffee Bee

SOLD coffee watercolor with gold painted wings, 2016


23.5"x18" ink ball point drawing, 2016


ink drawing pastels, colored pencils, 2016

Consuming Love_bak

watercolor, 9x12, 2016


taxidermy inspired watercolor, 2016

Deer eye

NFS, taxidermy inspired watercolor, 6x8, 2016

Passion Fruit

9x12, acrylic paint, 2015

White Noise

20x16, colored pencil, mixed media, 2015

Koi Fish

SOLD watercolor, 9x12 2015

The Raven (9”x11”) graphite

Based off of Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven", 2015

He took his skin off for me

based off of a lovely short film by Ben Aston called “He Took His Skin Off For Me”, digital paint, 2015

Frida Open-hearted

watercolor painting, 9x12, 2015

Honey Bear

colored pencil, pastels, acrylic, metallic silver paint (wings) on tinted paper 17.5”x24”, 2015 180 bees in total!

zombie fungus beetle

watercolor, 4x6 2015

zombie fungus bee

watercolor, 4x6, 2015


colored pencil, pastel, acrylic paint, 18x20, 2015

Orange Juice

diptych, 16″x10″ on watercolor paper, 2015

Great Horned Owl

Watercolor on white thin poster board 7"x10", 2015

Iron Mask Owl

20x16 acrylic on canvas, 2015

Fluid Stroll

College painting revamped, acrylic on wood, 2ftx5ft, 2010/2015

Tardis door wall mural


Lotus Moon wall mural


Even Bees Dance

ink pen with digital painting, 2014

Blood Orange peel
Flower Deer

ink pen digital painting, 2014

Decay colored

ink with digital paint, 2014

...Deepest Reason...

pencil and colored pencil drawing 2014

DNA peeled

8.5x11 colored pencil, 2014

de- fruit 5

colored pencil on paper, 8.5x11, 2013

de- pollen

ink pen on paper, 8.5x11, 2013

de- sound wave

colored ink on paper, 8.5x11, 2013


colored pencil, 8x12, influenced by the story behind Edward Mordake, 2013

Mice Nest

watercolor painting, 2013

Untitled Fantasy

watercolor painting, 2013 This is a gift for a Geneticist who gave me a pair of fetal mice specimen.

Bee Hive color

watercolor with ink pen, 2012

Promise Box

colored pencil on paper, 2012

Spectral Flow

acrylic paint on oval wood, 2012


Inspired by Plastination exhibit, pencil with digital color, 2012

Owl Pellet

18x24, ink, 2012

Garden Toads

concept illustration, pencil and digital paint, 2012

Botanicle Bone 1

acrylic on wood, 8x10, 2012

Botanicle Bone 2

SOLD, acrylic on canvas board, 9x12, 2012

Botanicle Bone 3

acrylic on wood, 8x10, 2012

Botanicle Bone 4

acrylic on canvas board, 9x12, 2012

Whomp Whomp

the title is kind of an onomatopoeia of an ultrasound …sound watercolor ink 2012

Painting the Roses Red

Oil painting 15.5x19 2012

Connective Tissue

18x24, ink drawing, 2012

Exposed Back

pencil drawing, digital painting, 2012

Exposed Front

pencil drawing digital painting, 2012

Candy Skull

watercolor ink drawing, 2012

Tiger Telegraph - Copy

ink drawing digital painting 2012

Tiger Submarine

pencil drawing digital painting 2012


concept art pencil drawing digital painting, 2012

15 birds

Idea based off of the song "15 birds" from The Hobbit. pencil with digital painting, 2012


pencil drawing digital painting, 2012

Run Wild

pencil drawing digital painting 2012

Parade color

ink drawing digital paitning 2012

Float colored

pencil drawing digital painting 2012

Dress you up in my Love

pencil drawing digital painting 2012

Danse de la muerta

digital painting, pencil drawing 2012

Cerebrum Celebration

ink drawing with digital painting, 2011